Rheumatology Research Foundation Awards Markstein Public Education Campaign

The Rheumatology Research Foundation (Foundation), the largest source of privately-funded rheumatology research and training in the U.S., has awarded Markstein a contract to develop a national campaign aimed at raising awareness around the Foundation’s efforts to improve the health of people with rheumatic diseases.

More than 11 million Americans currently live with a rheumatic disease, and roughly 1 in 5 Americans are diagnosed with a rheumatic disease each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, accurate diagnosis can be a challenge with more than 100 different types of rheumatic disease. In many cases, patients either are misdiagnosed or struggle to find the medical care necessary to treat their symptoms.

“While government funding for medical research is in decline, the number of people diagnosed with a rheumatic disease is growing exponentially. This is a crisis and we want rheumatology patients to know that we are in this fight together,” said Shelley Malcolm, senior director of impact at the Rheumatology Research Foundation. “Markstein is, without a doubt, the best team to help us connect with patients. The Foundation’s Board of Directors was so impressed by Markstein’s focus on research and analysis and we could not be more excited to partner with them.”

Markstein will launch a series of integrated public awareness campaigns about the Foundation’s efforts to cure all rheumatic diseases, including information about current research they are funding. Additionally, the campaigns will provide information to rheumatology professionals who treat patients about the latest treatment options and discoveries about rheumatic diseases.

“Chances are you know someone with a rheumatic disease and it is critical that they have the information they need to seek the right medical treatment,” said Danny Markstein, president. “We are excited to begin this important work on behalf of such a renowned medical research institution.”

Markstein will partner with Washington, D.C.-based research firm Certus Insights to conduct qualitative and quantitative research into the rheumatology field, to help inform the positioning of the campaign.

For more information, visit https://www.rheumresearch.org/


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