Agne Glodenis

Assistant Art Director

Agne Glodenis works within the branding, print, digital and illustration elements of graphic design. She is passionate about helping clients discover and highlight the personality of their brand.   

While at Markstein, she has worked on digital and branding projects for clients such as LIST Birmingham, Oakley Group and the Rheumatology Research Foundation. She is also experienced in programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and InDesign. 

Prior to Markstein, Agne previously worked as a freelance graphic designer, creating branding, book covers, packaging, websites and apps for clients around the world. She also worked at a publishing house where she focused extensively on print.  

Agne has a masters degree in communication from Kingston University in London and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in Lithuania.  

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